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Recursively Touch All Files

I like to use touch to set the same timestamp on files and folders. It makes it easier to quickly identify a file that has changed. But how do you do this recursively? Easily: You can then list all of the files, ordered by timestamp.

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How to manually reset a password in vBulletin


If you are the admin of your vBulletin forum and have access to the database, you can change the password for any user (including yourself) by issuing the following sql query: Ensure you have the correct userid!

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Why ack is better than grep


There are too many reasons to list. But I will list one which is very, very useful. The other day I was searching for a specific ID that was defined within a css file. The problem is that there are about 3 dozen css files scattered within this huge project. The problem: Recursively search *.css [...]

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SFTP Failure in Dreamweaver 2004 MX under Wine (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS)


I have been using Dreamweaver 2004 MX since, well, it first came out. Windows NT was popular. I’d barely started web development having come over from the Visual Basic and C++ in Windows environment. I like the IDE. It has the features I want, chiefly, the ability to work on a Remote site (or a [...]

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find, xargs, and filenames with spaces


Although I don’t typically name a file with the space, such as “my cool file” it is nonetheless possible to do so in linux. However, this causes problems when using tools such as the find command and the xargs command. The other day I rsync’d one of my folders to back up the documents to [...]

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How to install NVIDIA drivers in Ubuntu


I run a dual monitor desktop with Ubuntu 10.04.  Every so often after system update (via Update Manager) I am forced to restart.  This doesn’t happen very often — but when it does every now and then I run into an issue with my graphics. So what happens?  Well, there is a library conflict which [...]

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Password-less SSH Login


I manage several linux server to which I must login on a daily basis using SSH. Each server has different credentials. Not only do I use SSH, but I often use SCP (secure copy) to copy files from one server to another. Both commands require a password. There is a way, however, to create a [...]

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How to mount a USB flash drive


The other day I wanted to transfer some files to a USB flash drive on my Ubuntu 9.10 deskktop and noticed the USB drive did not automount. Manually mounting a USB drive is achieved with a few simple steps in a terminal window: First we need to know what the name of the file system [...]

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