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Boise, Idaho

Located in beautiful Boise, Idaho, High Corral Development is a professional, full service website development company dedicated to creating user friendly websites that reinforce branding, increase site traffic and strengthen customer loyalty. We create attractive, professional website designs that aid in quick task completion for your website visitors by using eye catching web design.

Website Solutions

We know your website shouldn’t be quantified or measured in terms of page numbers. We offer fully dynamic e-business web solutions, complete website monitoring with rapid notification, as well as custom PHP programming and database administration.

Let us manage your website so that you can focus on your business.

Scott Stanger

As the owner of High Corral Development, LLC, Scott is a freelance PHP developer. He specializes in complex, dynamic sites including social networking and e-commerce. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, emphasizing Computer Science, from Boise State University and was a Software Engineer for Micron Technology for several years.

Although Scott has several years of Windows-based software development, he excels at Web-based develoment using PHP and MySQL. He configures and administers linux webservers (CentOS) with Apache.

Do you need a new website coded from scratch? A fresh redesign for an existing website? High Corral Development delivers outstanding website designs in a quick, professional manner and reasonable prices. Contact High Corral Development with your requirements for a free, no-obligation quote.

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